December 10, 2021

BREAKING: Shell backs out of Cambo oil field

Stop Cambo activist Lauren MacDonald confronting the CEO of Shell live at the TED Countdown conference, Credit: Alice Aedy

Shell's out but the fight to Stop Cambo continues

In a surprise move, Shell has just confirmed that they are pulling out of the Cambo oil field. In a statement released on Thursday, December 2nd, Shell said that “After comprehensive screening of the proposed Cambo development, we have concluded the economic case for investment in this project is not strong enough at this time, as well as having the potential for delays.”

This is genuinely huge news and could signal the beginning of the end for new oil and gas developments in the UK. Be in no doubt that this win is down to your incredible efforts across the country and the world. When Shell cites 'potential delays', that means us! Please share this news on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

But our fight isn't over yet. While Shell have pulled their investment, they haven't said what they'll be doing with their 30% stake - so we'll be watching closely to see what happens. More importantly, Siccar Point Energy, who owns the other 70% of the field, is still backing the project and is likely looking for new partners and new money.

If we want to stop Cambo and ensure a just transition for oil and gas workers, their unions and affected communities, we can't leave this decision up to the market. We need our leaders and the UK government to commit to ending new oil and gas extraction through a fair and fast transition.

Now is the time to contact your MP

Shell pulling out of Cambo was a huge win, but the UK government is still deciding whether or not to approve the project. We urgently need to get as many MPs as possible to take a stance against Cambo and urge Boris Johnson to reject the project once and for all. We can't leave a decision as big as this in the hands of Shell, Siccar Point Energy or any other oil and gas company.

Our MP action tools make it easy to keep up the pressure on MPs to do everything in their power to Stop Cambo. Taking these quick and simple actions will go a long way towards helping our campaign to keep building momentum towards a historical victory against Cambo.

Use the tweet an MP tool to target Conservative MPs demanding that they come onside. 

Email your MP and tell them to stop Cambo! The more MP’s we can get onside the more likely we are to stop the Cambo oil from being developed, which would be a historical victory for the climate justice movement and our fight to stay below 1.5 degrees of warming.

Help us win by using our MP action tools today!