Who we are

The #StopRosebank campaign is made up of individuals, grassroots groups and organisations across Scotland, the rest of UK and the world who are dedicated to ending all new oil and gas extraction and bringing existing production within safe climate limits. 

The network started in 2021 with a successful campaign to stop the Cambo oil field and has expanded to take on all new fields in the UK, specifically focusing on Shell's Jackdaw gas field and Equinor's massive Rosebank oil field.

We’re united by a belief in climate justice, which requires a just transition and countries like the UK doing their fair share in combating the climate crisis, recognising the climate debt that rich countries owe the rest of the world following centuries of colonisation and climate emissions.  

We believe in a transition that is just, where oil and gas workers, their unions and communities are meaningfully involved in the phase out of fossil fuels and the shift to more sustainable jobs. #StopRosebank is one of many struggles against fossil fuel extraction in the UK and abroad. We stand in solidarity with those who are facing new conflicts and those who have long resisted oil and gas extraction.

Supporters of #StopCambo and #StopRosebank

The #StopRosebank campaign is grateful to have the support of more than a 160,000 people who have called on the UK government to reject the Rosebank field, as well as over 300 civil society organisations.

Hundreds of thousands of people have shown their opposition to Rosebank, have raised serious concern about the project or urged the government to reject all new oil and gas outright, including the following:

Join the Network

The Stop Rosebank campaign is coordinated by a network of grassroots and civil society groups up and down the UK dedicated to climate justice. We coordinate ourselves through working groups and online meetings. If your group would like to join us, you can register here or email action@stopcambo.org.uk with any questions.

Below are just some of the groups that have supported the campaign so far and we'd encourage to find and join your most local group to get actively involved in the campaign: