January 6, 2022

Ask Conservative MPs To #StopCambo

Only One Conservative MP Has Opposed Cambo. Let's Change That.

The 1.5 degree target is hanging by a thread and only one Conservative MP has spoken out against the Cambo oil field. MPs from all other major parties have voiced their opposition to the project. So why have so few Conservatives?

As the Government continues to urge countries to raise ambition to tackle the climate crisis, help us highlight the role Tory MPs can play in helping to #StopCambo and limit warming to 1.5C. We've put together this easy to use tool to pressure MPs across the Conservative Party to take real climate action and oppose the Cambo oil field.

Just follow the three easy steps below and make your voice heard.

Step 1: Generate the tweets using the button below

Hit the button below to generate four tweets targeting three random Conservative MPs.

Step 2: Open the link and tweet

Click on any of the blue text above to open the pre-populated tweet on twitter. Once the tweet is open, check the character limit and add any relevant hashtags if you have space. Feel free to edit the tweet into your own voice. The more personal the tweet, the more likely it is the MP will respond. Once you're done, click "tweet" and that's it. Now move on to the other three tweets you've generated.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2

There are over 300 Conservative MPs on Twitter. We want reach every single one of them. If there was ever a time for a Tory MP to break ranks and speak out for the climate, it's now. Keep up the pressure by using the tool to tweet at as many MPs as possible. If you get a response from a Conservative MP on twitter, let us know here.

Thank you for taking action - every thing we do helps build pressure against this project and for a just and fair transition away from fossil fuels.