If we’re going to stop Cambo,
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6 Ways You Can Help #StopCambo


Tell Boris Johnson: we will Stop Cambo

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Sign the PLEDGE
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Sign the pledge

Pressure the decision makers

Let us know your MP's response

Take actionTake action

Join a #StopCambo organising group

Mobilisation - London

Use your organising and creative skills to bring to life the #StopCambo campaign in London and make it impossible for Boris Johnson’s government to approve. Join a #StopCambo London organising group here.

Mobilisation - Scotland

Use your organising and creative skills to pressure Scottish targets and politicians to support #StopCambo ahead of COP26. Join a #StopCambo Scotland organising group here.

Mobilisation - Distributed UK-wide

Use your mobilising and amplifying skills to engage people in action locally and online. This could include persuading MPs to #StopCambo, doorknocking and creative actions in run-up to COP26. Join the #StopCambo UK-wide mobilisation group here.


Join a #StopCambo action in your area


Make some noise on social media

Ask Conservative MPs To #StopCambo

Take Action

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Post #StopCambo Memes

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