Take action against Shell’s climate-wrecking project

#StopJackdaw Week of Action

20 - 27 Aug - Online & Across the Country


For cheaper energy bills and a safe climate, we need to stop expanding oil and gas production. Yet the UK government wants to approve dozens of new fossil fuel projects by the year 2025.

Jackdaw is the largest gas field to be approved by the UK government since the IEA said we can't have any more new fossil fuel projects if we want to stay within safe climate limits.

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In June, the UK approved the Jackdaw gas field. The UK government decided to place the narrow interests of Shell over the public good. We’re going to use every tool we can to delay and eventually stop this field.

We need to build the movement against oil and gas expansion to fight back stronger with every field that comes through the pipeline. We need people taking action using a range of different tactics – whether it's putting up stickers and posters in your neighbourhood or organising a rally at your town hall.

Take Local Action

From stickering to demos, to meeting your MP. Have a look at the action map to find an event in your area. Or organise one using our action toolkit.

Want to organise an action? Have a look at our action toolkit and register your event.

Take Digital Action

Together we've sent
emails, and made

Actions that anyone can take from anywhere, that take as short as a few seconds.

Mass phone calling (5-15 min)

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calls so far!

We're calling our MPs and MSPs throughout the week to raise our concern about Jackdaw and to ask them to take action. Have a read of the MP calling guide below for what to expect on the call, sample script, and other top tips.

If you want to ask us questions, have someone help you through it, or generally want to share space with others doing it, join our Zoom call on Wednesday. In the call, you'll be able to get support from other activists and ask any questions you might have before diving in and making a call.

Start typing your postcode in the form below and your MP and their phone number should appear in the MP box. Once you've made a call, make sure to click the Call Made button so we can keep track of how many calls we've made together.

Read the MP calling guideJoin Zoom call

Your MP

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E-mail your MP (3-10 mins)

Use our email tool below to send an email to you MP asking them to Stop Jackdaw. You can send the suggested email, or even better spend a few minutes making it personal to you, your motivation and your current situation. If you're unsure where your MP currently stands on the issue, you can see the latest available data on them here.

Regardless of your MPs past position on Jackdaw, we need them to act now and urge the UK government to u-turn on Jackdaw and reject all new oil & gas fields. When you get a response from your MP, let us know what they say here.

#StopJackdaw Twitter storm (3 mins)

Tweet at MPs to demand they Stop Jackdaw. You can write a new tweet, reply to one of their tweets, or click on the tweet generator below to send them more.

(If you are in Scotland, why not tweet at MSPs too?)

👇 Choose a tweet to send it! 👇

Meme-making (3 mins - as long as you like!)

Memes against Jackdaw. Boris Johnson as Craig David, saying no to renewables but yes to climate wrecking Jackdaw. Boris Johnson pouring petrol on a fire. A cartoon of a man letting a butterfly go - the butterfly is Jackdaw gas field.

Memes are an incredibly popular, primarily-visual language to communicate with on the internet. As well as being incredibly quick and easy to make, they have the potential to reach very far and wide across social media, and can engage people who might not otherwise stop to look at climate-campaign related content. By generating/sharing memes, we can significantly raise the profile of the #StopJackdaw campaign, and get others to get involved and take action.

Step 1: Make or download some memes. Only got a few minutes? Download some ready-made memes here. Got a few more minutes? Make your own using our meme templates.

Step 2: Upload on twitter, instagram and/or facebook.

Step 3: Hashtag and captionAdd hashtag #StopJackdaw

For inspiration, check out our tweet samples here. You can add more captions if you want, but sometimes letting the meme do all the communicating works best! You could also direct people to @stopcambo to find out about more ways to take action.

Some notes for instagram

  1. You can add some of these hashtags to get an even wider reach:  #StopJackdaw #StopNewFields #StopCambo #Environment #Climate #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #BorisJohnson #KwasiKwarteng #UK #UkGovernment #ClimateJustice #GetOffGas #Renewables #NoNewOil

#StopJackdaw photo action (5-20 min)

Three people holding up Stop Jackdaw handmade signs.

Step 1: Make a #StopJackdaw sign. Your sign can be as simple as “#StopJackdaw” written on a piece of paper, or more creative. It’s up to you – this can be done with very little effort, but if you have any artistic skills, go for it! You can look here for some inspiration.

Step 2: Take a photo of the sign. It can be a photo with or without your face in it. There are some examples in the photos above and below.

Step 3: Upload on social media.

Use the hashtag #StopJackdaw. If you need help with what to write in your post, check out our key messages.

Step 4: Once you've posted your photo, ask at least one other person to do the same

Write to your local paper

Local papers are very widely read and are a great way to reach people who may not have heard about the Stop Jackdaw campaign before. You can find the contact details for your paper by going to their website.

We have a template letter here that you can edit into your own words. Local papers are always looking for interesting local stories, so make sure you include why it’s important for your local area that we phase out from fossil fuels as soon as possible - for example, is your area at risk of flooding with sea level rise or heavy rains, or were there disruptions caused by the recent heat waves?

You could write a letter to the editor, or ask if you could write a guest column or article about Jackdaw and the need to transition away from oil and gas. Find out more in our template letter and let us know what your paper says.


Sign the petition (2 min)

Sign the petition to Stop Jackdaw, targeting the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng.

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