Ask MSPs to #StopJackdaw

Ask MSPs to support the Jackdaw motion

Right now the UK Government is considering approving the new Jackdaw gas field, owned by Shell, in the North Sea. Climate science is clear that to limit warming to 1.5ºC - the Paris Agreement goal - there can be no new oil and gas fields opened anywhere in the world.

Burning the gas from Jackdaw would create pollution equal to half the annual emissions of Scotland. And as the head of the UN recently said “investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness.” People power halted Cambo - now we need to stop Jackdaw and all new oil and gas fields.

Monica Lennon MSP (Scottish Labour) has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament opposing the Jackdaw field and calling on the UK Government to call a halt to new oil and gas developments. You can read the motion here.

Friends of the Earth Scotland has created guidance on how to contact your MSP directly. This is really important for MSPs to know that it's an issue their constituents care about and will that they will have to be accountable for if they remain silent. You have 7 MSPs. Please contact them all.

Once you've done that, you can help by tweeting as many MSPs as possible and asking them to support this motion. Last year, opposition from MSPs and the First Minister to Cambo really helped to put the pressure on.

Let’s do it again! Here's how👇

MSPs Twitter Tool

We've made an easy to use tool to contact as many MSPs as possible on Twitter. Just follow the three easy steps below and make your voice heard.

Step 1: Generate the tweets using the button below

Enter your email in the box below. Feel free to sign up to updates from Stop Cambo if you want. Once you do that, hit the button below to generate three tweets targeting three random MSPs.

Step 2: Open the link and tweet

Click on any of the blue text above to open the pre-populated tweet on twitter. Once the tweet is open, check the character limit and add any relevant hashtags if you have space. Feel free to edit the tweet into your own voice. The more personal the tweet, the more likely it is the MSP. will respond. Once you're done, click "tweet" and that's it. Now move on to the other three tweets you've generated.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2

There are hundreds of MSPs on twitter. We want reach every single one of them. If there was ever a time for a MSPs to stand up to oil and gas giants and speak out for the climate, it's now. Keep up the pressure by using the tool to tweet at as many MSPs as possible. If you get a response from an MSP on twitter, email us at

And that's it. Thank you so much for taking action to help #StopJackdaw and all new oil and gas field.