We stopped Cambo. 
Now it's time to #StopJackdaw
and all new oil & gas fields.

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#StopJackdaw Week of Action, Aug 20 - 27

Join our Week of Action against Jackdaw and all new oil and gas fields.

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If we want a liveable climate, we can't allow any new oil and gas projects. The UK must U-turn on Jackdaw and reject all new oil & gas fields.

Each new field delays a just transition to renewable energy and locks us even further into an expensive, climate-wrecking energy system.

To meet the the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement, there can be no new investment in oil, gas, or coal.

This means no Jackdaw.

The UK government just approved Shell's Jackdaw gas field and plans to approve dozens of new oil and gas fields by 2025. The climate impacts of these projects would be devastating.

We are currently way off track to limit warming to 1.5°C, which is deemed the safest, liveable temperature rise still possible. Burning the fossil fuels in existing projects will push us past this target. Adding new developments, like Jackdaw, will push us closer to parts of our world becoming uninhabitable.

Governments must begin phasing out fossil fuel infrastructure now, including the UK, which is the second biggest oil and gas producer in Europe. We cannot let them approve any more oil and gas projects, including Jackdaw.

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The UK should be winding down oil & gas production and supporting a just transition for affected workers & communities

People in the UK want an affordable energy supply that doesn’t put our climate at risk.

This government is failing on both counts if it keeps approving new fields like Jackdaw. Right now, most of us are locked into using fossil fuels and forced to pay extortionate heating and fuel bills, all the while knowing that the UK has the best renewable resources in Europe that could supply us with affordable, less polluting energy. Meanwhile, companies like Shell tell us – and our government – that change isn’t possible (yet), while they continue to rip us off.

We should be winding down production of oil and gas while making sure that workers and impacted communities are not left behind – this is what’s called a ‘just transition’.

Done properly, with the right support and investment, the move away from fossil fuels could see three jobs in clean energy for every oil and gas job at risk. Only those currently raking in oil and gas profits would lose.

It's up to us to #StopJackdaw and all new oil and gas projects.

Take action to #StopJackdaw

#StopJackdaw Week of Action, Aug 20 - 27

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#StopJackdaw: Rapid Response to Jackdaw Approval

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