April 11, 2022

The UK government has announced plans for new oil and gas drilling

The British Energy Security Strategy: Paving The Way For New Oil & Gas Drilling

Today the UK government released their British Energy Security Strategy, their plan to make the UK less dependent on imported energy in the face of the war in Ukraine and to lower soaring energy bills. You can read the government press release of the strategy here. The strategy fails on all counts. It fails to lower bills, secure energy independence, or protect the climate. It's an absolute train wreck that sets us well on the path past 1.5C.

The UK has doubled down on new oil and gas drilling, announcing a new round of oil and gas licenses and a process to speed up the approval of new projects. Just three days after the IPCC issued its starkest warning yet on the climate crisis, the UK government is moving to green light new drilling. This strategy is a betrayal to the millions in the UK facing soaring energy bills and the billions facing the impacts of a warmer world.

The IPCC report warned that we have a very narrow window to limit warming to 1.5C. Emissions have to peak by 2025. Existing and planned fossil fuel infrastructure will push us past the limits for a liveable climate. But the good news is that we know what needs to be done and it can be done. We need to stop all expansion of oil and gas (no new fields), and rapidly scale up renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, the UK's energy strategy, released today will do none of this. Apart from announcing more oil and gas drilling, it made big bets on nuclear, fails to invest nearly anything in energy efficiency, home insulation or does little to remove the indefensible blocks placed in the way of onshore wind. You can read a good analysis of the strategy's many flaws here.

With regards to what the strategy says on oil and gas, here are the key points:

We'll share more analysis as the detail on the strategy comes in. While today was a massive missed chance, the fight for a liveable climate is far from over.

We're getting ready to announce some big plans next week. In the meantime, please share our response to the energy strategy, outlining three steps that would actually make our energy cheaper and more secure. Thanks!

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