April 13, 2022

The campaign to #StopJackdaw starts today

The fight to #StopJackdaw starts now

Today we’re launching the campaign to stop Shell’s Jackdaw gas field.  Jackdaw is a new gas field in the North Sea, 100% owned by Shell. It’s currently being considered for approval by the UK government and could be given the green light over the next few months.

If burnt, the gas from Jackdaw would cause half the total emissions of Scotland, or all the emissions of Ghana. It’s completely unacceptable that in the midst of a climate crisis it’s even being considered. Now is the time to fight it.

Jackdaw is being pushed as a solution to energy security and to the crisis of rising bills. But it won’t solve either. The only winners from Jackdaw are Shell. A company who, in the midst of a fuel crisis where people are having to choose between eating and heating, announced record £14 billion profits and paid their CEO £6.4 million.

We’ve shown what we’re capable of when we come together. Now we need to do it again.

Here’s how you can help #StopJackdaw:

✍ Sign and share this petition calling on the UK government to stop Jackdaw, stop all new oil and gas extraction and secure a just transition for workers

📣 Amplify the #StopJackdaw campaign using this social media toolkit. Be sure to follow the hashtag #StopJackdaw

📽 Share our launch video on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and help spread the word about the campaign

This is just the start of the campaign to stop the Jackdaw field. If Shell and the UK government think they can push through a climate wrecking project, that won’t lower bills or provide energy security, then they’re wrong.

People in the UK want energy that is affordable and won’t put our climate and our future at risk. The UK government has a responsibility to listen and put people before private profit.

We’re here and ready to show that the public won’t stand for more extraction.

We mobilised to stop Cambo and we’ll mobilise again to stop Jackdaw and every new field they try to push through.