December 10, 2021

#StopCambo reaction to Siccar Point Energy pausing Cambo

Reaction of #StopCambo campaign to the announcement by Siccar Point Energy that they have “paused” the Cambo development, following Shell’s withdrawal last week.

Today’s announcement by Siccar Point Energy is the latest blow to the future of the Cambo oil field.

While it is a vindication of the opposition to Cambo voiced by thousands of people across the UK as part of the #StopCambo campaign, more than anything else, this development highlights the complete failure of the UK government to get on the front foot and plan the just transition away from oil and gas production in the UK.

Cambo is only one of thirty new offshore oil and gas projects planned for the UK in the coming years. As the impacts of climate change continue to hit home in the UK and around the world, public opposition to fossil fuel extraction will keep growing and the economic case for these projects will only get worse.

In these circumstances, it is deeply irresponsible of the UK government to leave the fate of oil and gas workers and their communities to the whims of a market and industry that will consistently put short-term interests and profits above anything else.

Instead of sitting down with workers and their communities to plan a just transition, the Government’s current plan is the hopelessly inadequate North Sea Transition Deal, which is little more than an industry wish list that serves only to delay a genuine transition.

While Cambo is paused, we’ll continue to call on the UK and Scottish governments to agree to stop expanding oil and gas production and plan a pathway out of the industry and into sectors with decent, green jobs and investment at the scale that’s needed.