September 27, 2023

Rosebank oil field has been approved - take action now

The UK government has just approved Rosebank, the biggest undeveloped oil field in the UK.

With this decision, the government is siding with oil and gas giants over a liveable future for all, whether that’s a habitable planet or not having to choose between heating and eating. But the past year has taught us that the UK government will back down, will u-turn, will bend to the will of the people if enough of us fight back.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. There's a lot to do. Keep up with what’s next in the fight, and the different ways we can take action together

Pledge to #StopRosebank Now

We’re going to bring the fight to the UK government, to the Prime Minister and to every cabinet member that sanctioned this decision. We’re going to challenge every MP and MSP, every political party that continues to remain silent on new oil & gas. We’re going to take on Equinor, the oil giant behind Rosebank, at every opportunity. And we’re going to take on all those that enable the destructive, violent drive for new oil & gas - from the banks that fund Equinor to the companies that insure Rosebank.

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2. Join or organise a local rally.  There are already emergency rallies and events planned in London, Sheffield, Bristol and Edinburgh this week. Follow our socials and sign the pledge to find out all the latest details.

In the last 2 years, people power brought a pause to Equinor’s Wisting oil field in Norway and Bay du Nord in Canada, and Shell's Cambo oil field in the North Sea. No one acted alone to stop these fields. It takes a movement. When we said the biggest field deserves the biggest fight, we meant it.

People right across the UK want a reliable, affordable energy supply, not more oil and gas that puts all our futures at risk.

This fight is far from over. Pledge today to join us and Stop Rosebank. Keep up with what’s next in the fight, and the different ways we can take action together and #StopRosebank once and for all.

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