March 20, 2022

BREAKING: Shell is asking the UK government to approve the Jackdaw gas field. We're here to stop it.

Responding to Shell’s new environmental plan for its Jackdaw gas field in the North Sea, the Stop Cambo campaign has said:

"Jackdaw’s output will meet approximately 1.8% of UK demand at its peak, which won’t be for another 5 years. How does this help us now, or the one in four people in this country who are going to struggle to pay their energy bill in the Autumn due to soaring gas prices?”

"What use is a new gas supply that you can’t afford, even if it is produced in the UK?

"Shell and the rest of the oil and gas industry are desperate for us to think that they have the solutions when in fact the North Sea is an ageing basin with hard to reach, small pockets of gas left. (Earlier this week another tiny gas field off the East coast was heralded as a major boost to UK energy security, when in fact it holds less than a week’s worth of gas).

"This isn’t about our energy security, it’s about Shell being able to continue to make vast profits. Worse, while they’re lobbying for new drilling, the government is ignoring the solutions that really will lower our bills, like energy efficiency.

“We need to support the current workforce in the North Sea to transition to green energy, but we will never be able to make the shift to cheaper renewables, more energy efficiency and good, green jobs while the government keeps signing off new fields like Jackdaw.

"It’s giving us false hope when we need real solutions that actually lower bills and create long-term jobs."

“We are ready to oppose Jackdaw and fight for real solutions to the climate and gas price crisis.”

Together we stopped Cambo, now let's #StopJackdaw.

Sign our open letter to the UK government to #StopNewFields.

And this Wednesday, join our movement strategy session where we share our plans on how to #StopJackdaw and fight for a better, fairer, cheaper renewable energy system.