March 30, 2022

BREAKING: Cambo licence extended for two years

If Shell and Siccar Point Energy want to push forward Cambo, we'll be ready.

This morning news broke that the licence for the Cambo oil field has been extended. It was due to expire on March 31st but the UK government has granted Siccar Point Energy and Shell another two years to complete the project.

The UK government had a chance today to make the right decision and side with the people of the UK. But once again they chose to cast their lot with oil giants Shell and private-equity backed Siccar Point Energy. New oil and gas fields offer no solution to the UK’s energy problems. That the government is still encouraging them is a scandal.

For a liveable future, we can't have any new oil, coal or gas projects. That means Cambo cannot go ahead. We won't let it.

With the government poised to launch its plan to secure an affordable energy supply for the UK next week, it’s now blindingly obvious that there is no public case for Cambo. It won’t lower our fuel bills, it won’t secure supply. This is oil for export, with the benefits – the enormous profits – going to Shell and SPE. What Cambo will do is make it harder to stay within safe climate limits. That hasn't changed one bit.

Every new investment in oil and gas delays the UK’s move towards the cleaner, more affordable, more efficient energy system that the public needs and wants. This extension adds another 2 years to the 20+ years it has already taken to get Cambo from licence to development.

The majority of the public want investment in affordable, renewable energy and warm homes. Things that will lower bills now. They don't want millions wasted on a field like Cambo, a project that will make our future less secure but will make some oil execs even richer.

Last year was a warm up. Shell and Siccar Point should get ready for Round 2.

-Stop Cambo