December 9, 2022

130,000 people demand the UK government #StopRosebank

We joined Parents for Future UK, Greenpeace UK, Tipping Point UK to deliver the voice of the people to the Prime Minister's front door.

Our message is clear: the UK government must commit to NO new oil and gas projects and #StopRosebank. The Rosebank oil field won’t lower bills, but it will make the climate crisis worse. Its emissions would be equal to the annual CO2 emissions of the 28 lowest-income countries combined - that’s 700 million people.

The UK government just spent COP27 calling to “keep 1.5 alive” and for a global commitment to phase-out fossil fuels. Yet on their home turf, they've refused to stop expanding fossil fuels. Just this week they gave the green light to the first coal mine in decades. This is total hypocrisy.Last year, thousands of people across the world came together and forced Shell to pull out of the development of the Cambo oil field in the North Sea.

Now, it’s time to Stop Rosebank. The biggest field deserves the biggest fight.

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