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Demand Equinor & Norway #StopRosebank

Norwegian oil giant Equinor makes huge profits off of the climate crisis and is doing whatever they can to keep making raking in money, including spending millions on greenwashing and ramming forward new climate-wrecking projects like Rosebank. To make matters worse, the UK government is actually giving Equinor almost £3 billion in tax breaks to develop Rosebank. During a cost of living crisis, we're subsidising oil giants making record profits. Enough is enough.

Around the world, people are standing up against Equinor and demanding that Norway take responsibility for their contribution to the climate crisis. Join us in putting pressure on Equinor and the Norwegian Government to stop Rosebank, get Equinor out of oil and gas and invest in a real just transition.

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E-mail Equinor

Use these tools below to send an email to Equinor and the Norwegian government asking them to stop Rosebank. We’ve included tips and a template message in the tools below. We suggest spending a few minutes making it personal to you, your motivation and your current situation.

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Phone calling

We’re calling Equinor’s offices to raise our concern about Rosebank and demand that they put deliver on their climate commitments. Have a read of the calling guide below for the numbers to call, what to expect on the call, sample script, and other top tips.

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