We stopped Cambo. 
Now it's time to #StopJackdaw
and all new oil & gas fields.

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Thousands of people across the UK have took action to stop the Cambo oil field.

Join us as we take the fight to a new field and #StopJackdaw

There are dozens of new oil and gas fields up for UK government approval in the next three years. The Jackdaw gas field is the next one on the list.

Each new field delays a just transition to renewable energy and locks us even further into an expensive, climate-wrecking energy system.

If we want a liveable climate, we can’t allow any new oil and gas extraction. The UK government has to reject all new oil and gas fields. Jackdaw is next.

To meet the the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement, there can be no new investment in oil, gas, or coal

The UK government is set to approve a huge new oil field – Cambo – in the sea, west of Shetland. The climate impacts of this would be devastating.

Cambo’s owners, the oil giant Shell and private-equity backed Siccar Point Energy, want permission to extract 170 million barrels of oil in the first phase alone. The emissions from this would be equivalent to the annual carbon pollution from 18 coal-fired power stations. The companies plan to operate the field until 2050, the same year the UK has committed to be net zero.

In May of 2021, the International Energy Agency said that to stay within safe climate limits, there can be no new oil, gas or coal developments. At the exact moment we should be reducing our production of oil and gas, the UK government is planning to expand it.

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The UK should be winding down oil & gas production and supporting a just transition for affected workers & communities

North Sea oil and gas companies have plans to extract at least another 1.7 billion barrels of oil from new fields before 2050.

The UK government is being urged by fossil fuel companies to approve 18 new oil and gas projects over the coming years. Each of these goes against warnings by the International Energy Agency and the United Nations that we can have no new fossil fuel projects if we are to limit global heating to 1.5C and maintain a liveable climate.

We should be winding down production of oil and gas while making sure that workers and impacted communities are not left behind – this is what’s called a ‘just transition’. 

We must not allow Boris Johnson to green light the Cambo field or any other new project in the pipeline.

The only thing standing in the way of the Jackdaw and dozens of new oil and gas fields moving forward is us.

Take action to #StopJackdaw

Demand the UK Government #StopJackdaw

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