#StopJackdaw: Rapid Response to Jackdaw Approval

Jackdaw has been approved. Now the UK government has a whole new fight on its hands.

Over the last few months, thousands of us have come together to demand that the UK reject Shell’s new Jackdaw gas field. Yet the government has chosen the side of the narrow interests of Shell and its shareholders over the public good.

It’s atrocious that scientists have said time and time again that we can’t have new oil and gas, yet they’re giving the green light to another climate wrecking project that will produce the same amount of pollution as half of Scotland, or all of Ghana. The people of the UK want a reliable, affordable energy supply that doesn’t put the planet at risk.

This isn’t about energy security. If it was, we’d be retrofitting homes and unblocking onshore wind. This is about Shell making as much money as possible while they still can. This fight is far from over. Here's how you can help.

We’re going to pressure the UK to reverse their decision on Jackdaw, and use every tool we can to delay and stop this field. The UK government made a big mistake siding with Shell.

Here's how you can help.

#StopJackdaw Week of Action

From August 20th to 27th, thousands of people across the UK will come together to #StopJackdaw and all new oil and gas fields. We need people across the UK taking action using a range of different tactics. Whether it's putting up stickers and posters in your neighbourhood or organising a rally at your town hall, now is the time.

Find out more and register here

#StopJackdaw Twitter Storm

Tweet at MPs to demand they stop jackdaw. You can write a new tweet or reply to one of their tweets. Or click on the tweets below to send them:

If you are in Scotland, tweet at MSPs?

#StopJackdaw Stickers

Help get the #StopJackdaw message out by stickering your area. You can come collect them or we will post them to you.

Order your stickers here!

Email MP To Demand A #StopJackdaw U-Turn

Use our email tool below to send an email to you MP asking them to Stop Jackdaw. You can send the suggested email, or even better spend a few minutes making it personal to you, your motivation and your current situation.

If you live in Scotland: Take part in e-mail your MSP action.

#StopJackdaw Photo action

Step 1: Make a #StopJackdaw sign. Your sign can be as simple as “#StopJackdaw” written on a piece of paper, or more creative. It’s up to you – this can be done with very little effort, but if you have any artistic skills, go for it! You can look here for some inspiration.

Step 2: Take a photo of the sign. It can be a photo with or without your face in it. There are some examples in the photos above and below.

Step 3: Upload on social media. 

Tag Kwasi Kwarteng, Boris Johnson and BEIS
Twitter: @borisjohnson and @kwasikwarteng
Instagram: @borisjohnsonuk
Facebook: @beisgovuk @borisjohnson

Use the hashtag #StopJackdaw.

If you need help with what to write in your post, check out on our #StopJackdaw photo action guide

Step 4: Once you've posted your photo, ask at least one other person to do the same