#StopJackdaw Digital Action Against Kwasi Kwarteng

Together we've sent tweets, emails, and made calls.

Join us in targeting Kwasi Kwarteng, Boris Johnson and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) with a range of mass digital actions to #StopJackdaw. This guide includes everything you need to know to take part in the #StopJackdaw Digital Day of Action.  

This action is open to everyone. Newcomers are more than welcome, we would love to see you there! You don’t need any prior experience: we will be there to answer questions and guide you through the actions.

Key info

What's Jackdaw?

Shell has applied to the UK government to start developing a new North Sea gas field, called Jackdaw, off the coast of Scotland. Shell has submitted plans for the field to the regulator, OPRED, which is now deciding on whether or not to approve them. 

If approved, Jackdaw’s output will only meet around 1- 2% of UK gas demand over its lifetime. It wouldn’t produce any quantity of gas until 2025. Burning the gas in Jackdaw, though, would create the same amount of pollution as half of Scotland’s annual emissions or more than Ghana’s entire annual emissions. 

For a liveable climate, we can’t have any new fossil fuel projects. We are currently way off track to limit warming to 1.5°C, which is deemed the safest, liveable temperature rise still possible. Burning the fossil fuels in existing projects will push us past this target. Adding new developments, like Jackdaw, will push us closer to parts of our world becoming uninhabitable.

With over 38,000 people signing the #StopJackdaw petition and more than 1500 already contacting their MP, the #StopJackdaw campaign is quickly building momentum. But we can't stop now. A decision on Jackdaw could come within the next month. We need to raise wide-scale awareness about this climate-wrecking project and send a loud, clear message to the UK government that we will not accept any new oil and gas fields.

Action overview


We will be targeting Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

BEIS holds decision-making power over the approval or rejection of Jackdaw – if the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) were to approve the field, BEIS would need to agree with this decision for the project to go ahead.

Kwasi Kwarteng is the Secretary of State for this department. Ultimately, we want our message to be heard by him as he is the individual with the most decision-making power in the department. 

Boris Johnson At the end of the day, Kwasi Kwarteng answers to Boris Johnson, who is leading the current UK government. We want to pressure Johnson so that he will lean on Kwasi Kwarteng to make the right decision and #StopJackdaw.


Phone Calling (5 - 20 min)

Phone lines are now closed so please take one of the other actions!


Twitter storm (3 mins)

Tweet at @KwasiKwarteng, @CommonsBEIS and @BorisJohnson to demand they stop jackdaw. You can write a new tweet or reply to one of their tweets. Get inspired with our suggested tweets below, or even better create your own tweet! Make sure to include the hashtag #StopJackdaw. Click on the tweets below to send them:

If you are in Scotland, why not tweet at MSPs too? Or tweet at random MPs with this tool!

Email BEIS (3-10 mins)

Use our email tool below to send an email to Kwasi Kwarteng and the UK government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, asking them to Stop Jackdaw. You can send the suggested email, or even better spend a few minutes making it personal to you, your motivation and your current situation.

If you live in Scotland: Take part in e-mail your MSP action.

Meme making (3 mins - as long as you like!)

Memes are an incredibly popular, primarily-visual language to communicate with on the internet. As well as being incredibly quick and easy to make, they have the potential to reach very far and wide across social media, and can engage people who might not otherwise stop to look at climate-campaign related content. By generating/sharing memes, we can significantly raise the profile of the #StopJackdaw campaign, and get others to get involved and take action.

Step 1: Make or download some memes

Only got a few minutes? Download some ready-made memes here. 
Got a few more minutes? Make your own using our meme templates.

Step 2: Upload on twitter, instagram and/or facebook.

Step 3: Tag, hashtag and caption

Tag Kwasi Kwarteng, Boris Johnson and BEIS
Twitter: @borisjohnson,  @kwasikwarteng, @beisgovuk
Instagram: @borisjohnsonuk
Facebook: @beisgovuk @borisjohnson

Add hashtag #StopJackdaw

You can add more captions if you want, but sometimes letting the meme do all the communicating works best! You could also direct people to @stopcambo to find out about more ways to take action. For inspiration, check out our tweet samples here

Some notes for instagram

  1. You can add some of these hashtags to get an even wider reach:  #StopJackdaw #StopNewFields #StopCambo #Environment #Climate #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #BorisJohnson #KwasiKwarteng #UK #UkGovernment #ClimateJustice #GetOffGas #Renewables #NoNewOil 
  2. When you upload the image, it might automatically choose a square 1:1 crop. While this would be fine, it’ll be better if you select 4:5, or just ‘original size’.

Photo action (5-20 min)

Step 1: Make a #StopJackdaw sign. Your sign can be as simple as “#StopJackdaw” written on a piece of paper, or more creative. It’s up to you – this can be done with very little effort, but if you have any artistic skills, go for it! You can look here for some inspiration.

Step 2: Take a photo of the sign. It can be a photo with or without your face in it. There are some examples in the photos above and below.

Step 3: Upload on social media. 

Tag Kwasi Kwarteng, Boris Johnson and BEIS
Twitter: @borisjohnson and @kwasikwarteng
Instagram: @borisjohnsonuk
Facebook: @beisgovuk @borisjohnson

Use the hashtag #StopJackdaw.

If you need help with what to write in your post, check out on our #StopJackdaw photo action guide

Step 4: Once you've posted your photo, ask at least one other person to do the same